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About Us


Life is better spent outdoors. When it comes to enjoying the trail and beyond, BivWack Outdoors believes there’s only one way to do it: simple as possible. Our mission is to encourage more people to get outside and to enjoy the experiences of the great outdoors.



With an endless supply of trails, as well as an entire trail community, there has never been a better time to just step outside.

Our definition of success is to motivate change by inspiring more people to get outside. We do this by sharing tales from the trails, trip ideas, and tips on how to make your experience more enjoyable.

Make Your Uphill Battle a Breeze

  • Start by just getting out
  • Plan your next outing
  • Take it all in
  • Reflect on your experience
  • Repeat


Lighten Your Load

The biggest challenge we all face when trying to experience the great outdoors is the weight on our shoulders. Both the burdens we carry and the weight in our packs can make or break the experience we have. At BivWack Outdoors we offer products that keep it simple and keep you motivated.




Have a story to tell or a memory to share?