10 Benefits of Hiking Alone

It is a fact that holds true for many. Hiking can be a life-altering experience, from basking in the freedom to explore to truly absorbing nature. In fact, you might reap the most benefits from your outdoor experience by going solo. The benefits of hiking alone abound.

Solo hiking is good for the body and good for the soul. Benefits of hiking alone can include everything from flexibility when scheduling to endless opportunities to learn more about yourself. You can escape day-to-day stressors, meditate and contemplate, and simply embrace solitude with a solo hike.

Is it a Good Idea to Hike Alone?

Hiking alone can be a challenge, but worth it in so many ways. The benefits of hiking alone abound. These benefits can make it a good idea to hike on your own.

Though it can be a good idea to hike alone, there are a few safety concerns to consider before setting out solo. 

One important consideration to take to heart before hitting the trail alone is your level of experience. A simple walk in the woods might be appropriate for a beginner’s solo hike, but conquering moderate and more difficult trails alone should be left to more seasoned hikers. Be honest with yourself and your abilities before hiking alone.

It is also important to do your homework before hiking solo. This means researching trails and their difficulty, as well as carefully planning your route. You might not want to encounter an unforeseen rock scramble or vertical climb on your first solo hike and even top survivalists want to avoid getting lost in the woods alone.

However, despite these considerations, the benefits of hiking alone can make up for the preparation required. You’ll likely find that a solo hike presents a perfect opportunity for self-growth and further self understanding. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why planning a solo hike can be good for the body and good for the soul.

Top 10 Benefits of Hiking Alone

You’re strong. You’re resourceful. You appreciate being untethered. These wonderful traits can help you enjoy the benefits of hiking alone. There are many advantages you’ll find to setting out on a solo hike. Let’s break down 10 of the good things that can come with planning and completing a hike on your own.

1.  Flexibility

One of the top benefits that come with hiking alone is the flexibility that comes without needing to coordinate with others. A solo hike can be completed on your own time. Additionally, a solo hike means you can conquer any trail you’d like without worrying about input from others.

There are few constraints when planning a solo hike. You can hike when you want, where you want, and at the pace you want. This means you can race along the trail at a mile a minute or you can slow down and savor each step. 

Another flexible benefit of hiking alone is that you don’t need to factor in anyone else’s limitations. From gear to budget to physical fitness, the only considerations to keep in mind are your own.

2.  Sense of Accomplishment

There’s something about reaching the summit and taking in the view that gives you a true sense of accomplishment. This holds especially true when you’ve completed the hike to the top by yourself. 

You might find the euphoric feeling that comes with completing a top hike with a view multiplies when you’ve made it on your own. Leave the trail feeling strong, independent, confident, and even powerful. 

Hiking alone takes tenacity and brings a great sense of pride. You can push yourself to walk higher, faster, and further than before.  Find that you’ll be completely responsible for your own success.

3.  Self Awareness and Improvement

The self awareness you’ll gain on a solo hike can lead to serious self improvement. As a result, the benefits of hiking alone include time and inspiration for self examination. 

As you escape your day-to-day life and set out on the trail, you can truly focus on yourself and your thoughts. Hiking alone means you need to rely on yourself, step by step and mile by mile. You might discover what you are truly capable of and how resilient you are.

Hiking alone also means pushing yourself both physically and mentally. This means you are likely to discover your true fitness level, what you need to work on, how you perceive the world, and much more. You might find that this self awareness is what is necessary to begin a journey of self improvement.

4.  Fitness and Strength

As mentioned above, hiking solo can really test your fitness level. However, it also helps you improve and become even more fit.

Hiking solo means hiking at your own pace. If you want to work on your cardiovascular health, you can push yourself and keep your heart rate safely elevated. If you want to make your body physically stronger, consider carrying a load.

You’ll get stronger physically — and likely mentally — each step of the way. You’ll likely feel physically strong and healthy after a solo hike.

5.  Focus 

Today’s society often forces our minds to move at an astonishing pace.  Firstly, you might be constantly multi-tasking. Secondly, you might feel as if you’re being pulled in a million different directions at all times. It is easy to lose focus because today’s society is so demanding. 

One of the true benefits of hiking alone is that it lets you truly focus. Let yourself focus on your thoughts, your body, and your breath. You can focus on how your pack feels on your back and how your feet feel in your boots. This makes hiking alone a mindful journey and lets you truly focus on what matters.

6.  Perfect Selfies and Photo Ops

Hiking leaves lasting memories. Taking in perfect vistas, experiencing the fresh smells of nature, and even hearing leaves crinkle under your feet create lasting memories no matter whether you’re hiking alone, with a partner, or even with a group.

Taking photos along the way is another way to preserve the memory of your hike. Hiking alone gives you the opportunity to learn to take the perfect selfie. Capture yourself the way you see yourself and be proud of the surroundings pictured behind your smiling face. You can also stop to take photos as wanted, without worrying about someone else’s schedule or patience.

You can take as many or as few selfies and photos as you’d like when you’re on a solo hike.

7.  Process Thoughts

You might be alone with your thoughts for miles and miles when you set out on a hike on your own. This will give you ample time to process and truly learn to comprehend what happens in your brain.

Being alone with your thoughts on the trail lets you analyze your ideas and beliefs. You might change how you perceive situations in your life after processing thoughts on the trail. Hiking alone gives you a unique level of introspection.

8.  Make Lifelong Friends on the Trail

Even if you’re hiking alone, you’re likely to encounter other hikers on your journey. The folks you’ll meet on the trail are like-minded and could be just as obsessed with hiking as you are!

Hiking alone can help you find your people or your tribe. The people you meet on the trail share your interests in nature and the outdoors, which is a great foundation for a lifelong friendship.

9.  Conquer Your Fears

There is something inherently scary about setting out on your first solo hike. Another benefit of hiking alone is that it allows you to conquer this fear. You’ll likely learn to be less afraid of being alone–a lesson that applies in almost all facets of life.

Hiking alone can allow you to discover that you have everything you need for success within yourself. You are capable and can accomplish your hike, and other challenges in life, on your own. Tackle the trail and come out with confidence.

10.  Bask in Mother Nature’s Glory

Out of all the benefits of hiking alone, the best is all around you. Spending solo time on the trails lets you truly bask in Mother Nature’s glory. 

Hiking alone lets you interact with nature in new ways. Hiking in a group can be noisy, which scares off wildlife. You’ll likely see more wildlife when you’re on a solo hike. Additionally, your senses can lead the way when you’re alone. You might notice new features on a familiar trail.

You can commune with nature in new ways when you experience the outdoors alone.

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