Top 10 Summit Sunsets to See

There’s something about a sunset hike that stirs the soul. Watching the sunset over the mountains instills a sense of peace you can’t find anywhere else. Enjoy the calming sensation you’ll feel in your mind and body with these top 10 sunset summits.

The top 10 sunset summits to hike to includes destinations across the country. You’ll enjoy breathtaking sunsets at:

  • Tennent Mountain in North Carolina
  • Ruffner Mountain Preserve in Alabama
  • Sunset Peak in Utah
  • Clingman’s Dome in Tennessee
  • Sunset Peak in California
  • Mount Ouray in Colorado
  • Haleakala National Park in Hawaii
  • Cadillac Mountain in Maine
  • Springer Mountain in Georgia
  • Blue Ridge Pinnacle in North Carolina

Hiking to the peak of a mountain is always a worthwhile endeavor. Moving your body, being mindful of your pace and breath, taking in nature, and enjoying fresh air all make hiking an exhilarating hobby. Combine these benefits with the beauty you’ll find at these sunset summits, and you’ll likely enjoy your next evening hike even more.

North Carolina Mountain Sunsets

You’ll find beautiful mountain sunset summits across North Carolina, but only two made it to the top 10 list above. Tennent Mountain and the Blue Ridge Pinnacle both offer soul-stirring sunset views. 

Tennent Mountain sits in the Pisgah National Forest. You’ll find several grassy balds along the hike to the summit, giving you perfect places to stop and watch the sun go down. These vantage points will let you take beautiful photos and make lasting memories.

Blue Ridge Pinnacle is just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. You won’t find any signage pointing out the pinnacle, but you will find a beautiful place to watch the sunset. Travel the Parkway just beyond the entrance to Mount Mitchell State Park, park, then hike up a short service road. You’ll find a perfect vantage point for a peaceful sunset.

Alabama Mountain Sunsets

Most folks don’t think of mountains in Alabama, but there are a few changes in elevation in the state that create great sunset summit hikes. 

Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve in Birmingham features a 14-mile loop of interconnected trails. The moderately challenging Overlook Trail will take you to the summit, where you can pause and see the sun go down over a western-facing vantage point.

Utah Mountain Sunsets

Just as the name implies, Sunset Peak near Salt Lake City provides sweeping skyline views perfect for watching dusk transform into night. Sunset Mountain Peak summit sits at nearly 10,648 feet. This striking elevation will let you take in Brighton Lakes, Big Cottonwood Canyon, and other natural features in the surrounding area.

The trek to the summit is rated moderate, making it accessible to most hikers. You can reach Sunset Peak on the Catherine Pass Trail.

Tennessee Mountain Sunsets

The Smoky Mountains are home to some of the best hiking and best sunsets in the nation. Clingmans Dome, which straddles the Tennessee-North Carolina line, might be among the most perfect sunset summits in the nation.

Whether you hike or drive to Clingmans Dome, you’ll find awe-inspiring views over blue mountain ridges as the sun goes down.

California Mountain Sunsets

If you’re near the Angeles National Forest in California, make a point to see day transform into night at Sunset Peak. The hike to the summit is nearly 8-miles (roundtrip), but well worth it. The trail follows a service road and is a fairly simple hike.

Sunset Peak in California offers a Baldy Area to pause and see the sun go down. Trail conditions are good, making for a pleasant and enjoyable hike.

Colorado Mountain Sunsets

Colorado is among the most beautiful states in the nation. Though the Rocky Mountains might be the most famed attraction, Mount Ouray in the southwest corner of the state offers a spectacular sunset trail. 

Mount Ouray, near Villa Grove, is an out and back trail you can take up for a perfect summit sunset view. The 6.8-mile trail is rated as difficult, but the views are well worth the effort. 

Ouray is off The Million Dollar Highway, which connects Colorado and New Mexico. This scenic drive offers breathtaking mountain views and is perfect when you’d rather take a ride than take a hike.

Hawaii Mountain Sunsets

Talk about a Maui Wowie! Haleakala National Park in Hawaii is a perfect place to visit during the Golden Hour. The Haleakala peak or summit offers unmatched views of the island and sea, as it sits more than 10,000 feet above sea level.

It takes some planning to see the sunset at Haleakala. You’ll need to get a reservation from the National Park Service and plan on arriving more than an hour before the sun goes down. You’ll likely find it is well worth the planning and effort, as this summit sunset is truly a sight to behold.

Maine Mountain Sunsets

Cadillac Mountain in Maine is another great place to watch the sunset. As part of Acadia National Park, Cadillac Mountain is among the first places to watch the sunrise and the sunset in the country. 

The summit sits at 1,530 feet above the rest of the sounding hills and mountains. This provides unparalleled views perfect for making summit sunset memories to last a lifetime. 

Georgia Mountain Sunsets

Springer Mountain ranks on this list because it is known as one of the best places in Georgia to see the sunrise and sunset. Located along the end of the Appalachian Trail, this western vista lets you catch the last rays of the day.

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